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Teaching staff

Pierre-Eymeric Janolin : Physics and Coordinator

Pascal Bernaud : Heat Transfert

Pascal Morenton : Mechanical Engineering and Computer Aided Design

Lisa Carrière : Team work

Over the years, we were glad to welcome experts from a number of synchrotron radiation facilities around the world :  Yves Dabin, Bob Baker, Ray Barett, Jean Susini, Heinz Graafsma, Lin Zhang (ESRF, Grenoble, France), Paul Montanez (NSLS, New-York, USA), Jean-Pierre Merlet (INRIA, Paris, Frrance), Olivier Marcouillé, Mourad Idir, Thierry Moreno, François Bertran (Soleil, Saclay, France), Xavier-Marie Marechal (Spring8, Hyogo, Japan),

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