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In this "X-ray beamline design" workshop, you will learn how to:

* choose the right materials for specific technological requirements,
* estimate the amount of heat deposited by a high power radiation and design the adequat cooling system
* compute the radiation spectrum from a relativistic electron bunch moving in an optimized magnetic lattice
* design a highly efficient monochromator system for x-rays
* pick the right optical elements for a high resolution x-rays imaging
* converge towards a legitimate mechanical solution 
* obtain accurate displacement for moving systems

you will also learn how to deal with:

* Collaborative teamwork (synchroneous and asynchroneous)
* Digital engineering,
* Computer Aided Design (CAD)
* Electronic Data Management (EDM)
* Physics simulation oriented softwares(radiation spectrum)

and  find your optimum role in a group for a better efficiency of your scientific and technical work.

In short: see "how it feels like being an engineer" !




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