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This workshop aims at presenting and introducing the main concepts and tools used in digital engineering in the fields of mechatronic and multidisciplinary design processes.

This workshop begins by an overview of the state of art in this domain and then deals with :

  • Collaborative teamwork and extended entreprise
  • Digital engineering, digital mock-up
  • Computer Aided Design (CAD), Mechanical CAD (MCAD), Electronic CAD (ECAD)
  • Electronic Data Management (EDM)
  • Rapid prototyping

Then the students attend a short training for CAD tools, half of them for mechanical engineering, and the others for electronic engineering.

For 15 hours, 12 groups of four students have to design and prototype a new mechatronic system according to requirements which are given.

At the end of the workshop, each group makes an oral defense of their work. They have to convince the customer and theirs experts and explain their choices.

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